Lakeview Residence Villas, Bürgenstock (Picture: Rory Gardiner)


Quart Verlag, 10 10 2017, Zurich Housing Development 1995-2015, Housing Development Kraftwerk 1

This compendium presents the development of housing construction in Zurich, from the tentative beginnings to the latest buildings, including 100 examples by over 60 architectural offices; among them Stücheli Architekten with the housing complex Kraftwerk1.

Park Books, 01 10 2017, New Housing in Zurich, Housing Development Kraftwerk 1

Support by public funding and open competitions have helped to design and realize a vast number of highly innovative co-operative projects in Zurich over the past 15 years. Many of them can serve as well as models for how to meet the constantly increasing demand for urban housing. The book is a comprehensive survey of contemporary co-operative estates in Switzerland’s largest city. It features some 50 projects by type, among them the housing complex Kraftwerk1 by Stücheli Architekten and Bünzli & Couvosier.

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