Correo-Quartier, Munich
Credit Suisse Asset Management, Zürich

New building and conversion
Developement of a new city block with office uses and commercial facilities.
Planning 2018

The Postbank building occupies an entire block in central Munich. What is known as the Correo-Quartier is being converted into a new office building which can be used to house a variety of types of work in the city. It will also make a valuable contribution to public life in the densely populated southern Bahnhofsviertel quarter. Pedestrians enter the courtyard through two large entrances on the ends, where they find a stacked urban landscape comprised of a series of terraces and connecting bridges. The space is overlaid with large-scale green structures, creating an atmosphere with a strong identity. The city gets a public green lobby and a new place to meet and spend time right next to the main station.