Utoquai 55 office building, Zurich
Cosa Mirai AG

Complete renovation
Direct commission, architecture and general planner
Premium office space with retail and conference rooms
Planning 2017-2019 / Construction 2019-2021

The seven-storey office building with a recessed loft is located on the banks of Lake Zurich, a prime area for urban development, where the Seefeld quarter meets the Utoquai quay. On behalf of Übersee-Handel AG, architect Armin Meili oversaw the construction of the building between 1961 and 1965. It has been listed since 2013. The complete renovation will see the preservation of the primary structure and the two-storey entrance hall, including all the floor and wall coverings. Due to energy requirements and the replacement of building services, the building shell must be reconstructed. An identical replacement for the façades has been developed in close collaboration with those responsible for historic building preservation.