Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Uetlihof, Zurich

Zurich, 2011, new construction Uetlihof 2, administrative centre, 38'000 m2, HVC Plant, 9'400 m2, UH 1 & 2 landscape, Minergie-P-Eco

Construction of the headquarters of Credit Suisse at the foot of the Uetliberg began between 1972 and 1979 in the former clay pit of a Zurich brickworks. Stücheli Architekten have accompanied the development of this massive complex, designed almost as a city within a city, for more than thirty years. The expansion that took place between 2008 and 2011 was the eighth phase in the history of the complex. Now with 16 added storeys, six of them underground, a high-rise building has resulted that can accommodate 8'500 work stations, instead of 6'000. The expansion was guided by the vision of the 2000 Watt Society. It meets the Minergie-P-Eco standard and was awarded the Good Interior Climate certificate. Despite the large number of additional work stations, the expansion of the available public transport made it unnecessary to expand the parking facilities. From a design perspective, the building is based on tectonic layering, which is particularly visible in the base storey, with its alternating layers of windows and parapets made from structured concrete. The design of the interior resembles the structure of a cell. In the same way as in the cells of an organ, the functions are spread across the entire surface, resulting in an environment free from strict zoning grids. Three irregular atria ensure sufficient natural light, aid the air circulation and provide informal meeting areas. The sanitary facilities and vertical access connections are enclosed in one main core and seven auxiliary cores. On the exterior, water-permeable surfaces and the planted roof make a natural, but irrigation-free design possible. With its buildings and open spaces, together with their connections and infrastructure, the Uetihof forms an enclosed, geometric, urban (eco) system.


New construction


Credit Suisse


Uetlibergstr. 231, 8045 Zurich

Planning phase

December 2005 - April 2011

Construction phase

November 2008 – November 2011

Budget in CHF

235 Mio.

Gross area

64‘784 m2

Work stations


Sustainability label

Minergie-P-Eco, Gutes Innenraumklima


St'A, K. Rohländer, Zurich / L. Joos, Zurich / R. Zimmermann, Baar

Stücheli Architekten AG

Heidi Bader, Thomas Bienau, Igor Celko, Kerstin Fleischer, Andrea Fornaro, Stefan Fuchs, Thomas Gläss, Christof Glaus, Bernhard Looser, Antje Machold, Andreas Mosimann, Annika Raugust, Karin Rohländer, Andreas Sidler, Barbara Sogo, Benjamin Stadler, Heinz Wegmann, Koray Yavuz

General Planner

Stücheli Architekten AG, Zurich

Cost Consultant

Freiraum Baumanagement AG, Zurich

General contractor

HRS Real Estate AG, Zurich