Frienisberg Nursing Home

Cooperative Frienisberg nursing home

Frienisberg Nursing Home, Frienisberg

Frienisberg, 2020, nursing home, 14’000 m2

The history of the Frienisberg nursing home (Wohn- und Pflegeheims Frienisberg, WPF) is closely connected to that of the abbey of the same name. Built in the 12th century, the abbey began serving as a hospital and centre of care as early as 1533. Together with the historical pond, it forms the centre of the WPF complex, which today comprises more than 40 buildings. Because the structure from the 70s was no longer up-to-date, the owner decided to replace three of the larger residential buildings. In addition to 132 new rooms for about 250 occupants, the communal facilities and services are being centralised in two additional new buildings. The integration of large spaces was a particular challenge: the buildings needed to offer a counterpart to the abbey without competing with it. The rooms are distributed between two congruent, slightly inclined structures. Tilted towards each other, they surround the abbey and the pond. An additional connecting building oriented towards the abbey square supplements the gap by the existing half-timbered house. In the interiors, the buildings are symmetrically arranged, each featuring a vertical access connection and common rooms in the centre. The mural façades, archways, gabled roofs and the connecting building allude to the formal elements of the historical structures, but have been reinterpreted in design.


New building


Cooperative Frienisberg nursing home


Bernstrasse, 3267 Frienisberg

Type of commission

Direct commission after a selection procedure

Planning phase

December 2014—August 2016 (Weiherhaus), October 2017—December 2018 (Lindenhaus)

Construction phase

August 2016—July 2018 (Weiherhaus), August 2018—September 2020 (Lindenhaus)

Budget in CHF

51 Mio.

Gross floor area

6850 m2 (Weiherhaus), 7150 m2 (Lindenhaus)

Room arrangement

132 single rooms, 3 studio apartments, restaurant, medical centre, physiotherapy spaces with fitness room, grocery store, hairdresser, footcare area, laundry facilities

Landscape architect

Haag Landschaftsarchitektur, Zurich

Civil engineer

Bill Weyermann Partner AG, Koppigen / Markwalder & Partner AG, Burgdorf

HVAC engineer

Grünig+Partner AG, Liebefeld-Bern

Electrical engineer

Bering AG, Bern

Building physics

Rüfenacht Bauphysik + Energie, Bern

Plan for catering services

hpmisteli Gastrokonzepte, Oberwangen b. Bern


Stücheli Architekten AG, Shin Tomita

Stücheli Architekten AG

Daniel Blatter, Fredi Doetsch, Jean-Marc Fischer, Luisa-Marie Grapow, Stefan Hämmig, Jeanine Hulha, Athanasia Karaioannoglou, Sabine Rolser, Matthias Roth, Alessandro Ungaro, Sheida Vahedi