Schaeppi Grundstücke KG

Office Building Binzstrasse, Zurich

Zurich, 2012, office building, renovation, façade 2'850 m2

The object is an office and commercial building from 1964. It consists of a recessed ground floor, a main four-storey volume and another recessed attic storey. Band windows spanning the front-facing façade sections in the upper storeys emphasize the horizontal plane. The wall sections and displacement of the main volume to the base and attic storeys draw attention to its rectangular shape. No changes had been made to the building since its construction, aside from maintenance work and adjustments. The new façade design discards the differentiation between the wall sections and window band and treats the new four upper storeys as a single volume, following the idea of a critical redesign from the 1960's. The homogeneous colouring supports the design intention without negating the band windows. This ambiguity is also reflected in the sun shades mounted in front of the façade, with the linear, free elements emphasising its horizontal lines. The façade was designed with the intention of improving the lighting and ventilation for the workplaces. Enlarging the window height to include the height of the former shade housings makes a significant contribution to this end. The width of the windows and ventilation shutters is limited for structural reasons. The expense of the energy renovation, including the life cycle costs, is in a healthy ratio to the investment costs.






Schaeppi Grundstücke KG


Binzsstrasse 18, 8045 Zurich

Planning phase

June 2010 - July 2011

Construction phase

October 2011 - July 2012

Façade Engineering

Bardak AG, Schaffhausen

Façade surface

2'850 m2

Stücheli Architekten AG

Fredi Doetsch, Jean-Marc Fischer, Andrea Fornaro, Ingmar Kurtz, Karin Rohländer, Matthias Roth, Reto Schoch