City of Bern

School Kleefeld, Bern

Bern, 2014, new construction, competition, 3rd prize, primary school, 6'865 m2

The Kleefeld development was built in the late 1960's in the Bümpliz district in the west of Bern. In 1970/71, the residential buildings, some up to six storeys high, were supplemented by a school. After forty years, the complex was in need of renovation. A study concluded that a new construction would be preferred to a renovation. The design combined the usages that had previously been contained in different buildings into a single structure. Designed as a spacious atrium house around the central schoolyard, the structure is designed to be perceived as an autonomous element within the sometimes massive residential buildings. In contrast to the vertical line of the surrounding high-rise residential blocks, the two-storey school building appears small. Its proportions take the perspective of children and teachers into account. The wood construction of the façade ensures an open and approachable appearance to the outside. The development distinguishes between three outdoor areas: the schoolyard, Chleehus-Platz bordering the district centre to the north and the outdoor area of the kindergarten. Their differentiation reflects the respective functional requirements of the outdoor space. The schoolyard is envisaged as an extended interior space, which is separated from all classrooms by just a single storey. It enables exercise, sport and breaks, acts as a place to which children can retreat and that can be used for outdoor group exercises. The covered break yard on the southern part of the primary school serves as a connection to the existing sports hall and as an all-weather outdoor area.


New construction


City of Bern


Mädergutstrasse 5, 3018 Bern

Planning phase

March 2014 - August 2014

Gross area

6'865 m2

Structural Engineering

WAM Planer and Ingenieure AG, Bern

HVAC Engineering

Amstein + Walthert Bern AG

Building Physics

Weber Energie und Bauphysik

Construction management

Andreas Akeret Baumanagement GmbH, Bern


Bryum GmbH, Basel

Type of commission

Competition, 3rd prize

Stücheli Architekten AG

Matthias Roth, Anthi Skoupra, Kana Ueda Thoma, Tomoko Zürcher