Study Commission Effretikon, Railway Station East

Simple company ‘Effretikon 2’, Volketswil

Effretikon railway station, east – construction plot A, Effretikon

Illnau Effretikon, 2018, railway station, east – construction plot A, study commission, first place, 6200m2

The plot to the east of the Effretikon railway station is to be compacted based on a master plan (Morger Partner Architekten, 2014). The current study commission covers the first of five stages. The distribution of uses (70% residential, 30% commercial) as well as the building form and height were specified. A highly flexible and adjustable mix of apartment spaces was required during the design of the layout. The winning project from Stücheli Architekten interprets the courtyard as a component of public space and a means to create a prestigious address for the apartments. The apartments would be accessed via the courtyard, while the commercial spaces would be accessible from the street. An internal connection is made to the new plot and railway station via a lane to the north. As the ground floor area is insufficient for the planned commercial use, further commercial spaces are housed in the noisy northwest corner of the building. Built on a grid of 90 cm, these could be converted into apartments after the realisation of the adjoining apartments during the final construction stage. There are usually two apartments per staircase, with minimal hallway space. The modular layout structure enables flexibility both in living format and apartment size, with minimal or no construction effort. The continuous façade system reflects the inner flexibility and reinforces the urban character of the future plot.


New building, apartments and commercial spaces


Simple company ‘Effretikon 2’, Volketswil


Moosburgstrasse / Brandrietstrasse / Rütlistrasse, Effretikon

Type of commission

Private study commission

Planning phase

October 2017-February 2018

Gross floor area


Room arrangement

48 apartments (third each of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 room apartments), commercial spaces 1 930m2, 37 parking spaces

Landscape architect

Bryum, Zurich


Stücheli Architekten AG, Javier Trallero

Architecture / Urban plan
Stücheli Architekten AG

Adriana Brazão Curado, Alisha Cortina, Matthias Roth, Shin Tomita, Kana Ueda Thoma


Study commission: Effretikon railway station, east – construction plot A, 28 06 18