ETH Hönggerberg residential complex for students, Zurich
LUPK Luzerner Pensionskasse

New building
Competition / 1st prize, architecture
Student Housing with 400 units and communal facilities on the ground floor.
Planning 2012-2014 / Construction 2014-2016

The residential complex consists of four rows running from east to west, each of which is grouped into two residences with a central access system. Stairways, footbridges and landings lead from the covered exterior space to the individual apartments. They also serve as balconies and meeting places. The apartments are all based on the same individual cell, each of which has its own bathroom and is integrated into a shared flat. From the campus to the open landscape, the density and height of the six- and seven-storey buildings gradually diminishes. Depending on the alignment, the fa├žades either feature a shade-optimised window band or a saw blade-shaped configuration that provides noise-protection and privacy.