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Migros Cooperative Zurich

Renovation Zentrum Witikon, Witikon

Witikon, 2019, renovation commercial centre, GF 25'700m2

The Zentrum Witikon was constructed from 1968 – 1970 by the architect association Eidenbenz Bosshard Meier as a new village centre for the rapidly growing community. The complex consists of three multi-unit buildings (mainly offices and practices), three low-rise buildings with retail spaces and a restaurant, and a central square, all built on a continuous 7.5 m grid. The facility went through a lacklustre expansion in the 80s, and has not been renovated since the turn of the century. In 2013, the Zentrum Witikon was added to the Swiss register of listed buildings as an early representative of structuralism and a pioneer of the centre concept. The long-term tenant and current owner Migros wants to use the renovation to revitalise the ageing centre. The project aims to reconstruct the original architecture, characterised by a raw concrete aesthetic, to the greatest extent possible. The extension of the northern low-rise building towards the square will be dismantled, and a new connecting hall will be built in its place. Original components, such as the guide rails for the fabric blinds, will be restored and reused as much as possible. Any additions will be developed in keeping with the original design. For example, the shed roofs for the new connecting hall are derived from the existing sheds of the adjoining low-rise building, so the current and new structures will form a unified whole. The renovation will be carried out in stages in order to affect the local retailers as little as possible.


Renovation commercial centre


Migros Cooperative Zurich


Witikonerstrasse 279-299, Zürich-Witikon

Type of commission

Direct commission

Planing phase


Construction phase

July 2017—spring 2019

Budget in CHF

approx. 60 Mio.

Gross floor area

25'700 m2, therefrom 6'400 m2 sales area

General contractor

Sulzer + Buzzi Baumanagement AG, Winterthur

Civil engineer

Freihofer & Partner AG, Zurich

HVAC engineer

RMB Engineering AG, Zurich

Facade planing

Bardak AG, Schaffhausen

Landscape architecture

Balliana Schubert Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zurich


Reinhard Zimmermann, Baar; Archive Rolf Eidenbenz

Stücheli Architekten AG