Brunaupark trial design, 8045 Zurich
Pensionskasse der Credit Suisse Groupe, Zürich

Total development
Study, competition
Feasibility study for the entire Brunaupark.

Planning 2014-2017

Brunaupark lies on the southern outskirts of Zurich, at the intersection between city, common land and access to the motorway. The site features heterogeneous residential structures and an unassuming shopping centre. The aim of the study commission was to stimulate urban revitalisation with new residential buildings and by including the Migros supermarket and existing basements and vehicle access. The project envisions Brunaupark as a high-rise landscape that forms a gateway to the city. The height of the buildings is harmonised with the surrounding environment: lower buildings where the residential areas begin and prominent high-rises leading into the city. Free-flowing open spaces link the urban area with the common land.