Residential building on Weststrasse, Zurich
Martina Villiger, 5324 Full-Reuenthal

new building
direct order
New building in the wake of the transormation of the former motorway transit route.
Planning 2010-2016 / Construction 2013-2015

This apartment building on Weststrasse in Zurich is one of the first new buildings to emerge in the wake of the transformation of the former motorway transit route into a 30 km/hour zone. It was deemed vital to preserve the distinctive look of the street, characterised by four-storey residential buildings from the 1930s. With its grey-blue hue, the building blends in with the colourful houses and stands out only on closer inspection. Instead of the original wooden shutters, sliding aluminium shutters are a feature of the façade. Fibre-cement lintel and balustrade elements make reference to the framed openings and cornices of the neighbouring buildings.