‘Zwischen den Hölzern’ open-air swimming pool, Oberengstringen
Stadt Zürich

Reconstruction and renovation
Beautifully located above Oberengstringen, the open-air swimming pool 'Between the Woods' is a valuable contemporary witness of the 1950s buildings by Werner Stücheli.
Planning 2010 / Construction 2010-2011

Werner Stücheli built the ‘Zwischen den Hölzern’ (Between the Trees) open-air swimming pool in 1966. Some 50 years later, it was time for an overhaul. The project respects the existing complex and keeps interventions to the necessary minimum. New components complement the original design and functional concept, which are clearly apparent once again. Wooden elements for lying and sitting replace the existing concrete slabs and elongate the seating levels to create a multi-purpose platform. A long bench marks the end of the platform and serves as a windbreak. All of the new elements use materials that are already present: concrete, galvanised steel and wood.