Refurbishment of the Zurlinden development, Zurich
Stadt Zürich, Liegenschaftsverwaltung

The renovation of the housing estate from the First World War is based on the original quality of the floor plans and only started where there was an acute need for action.
Planning 2005-2006 / Construction 2006-2007

Architects Robert Bischoff (1876–1920) and Hermann Weideli (1877–1964) built the large Zurlinden development, comprising 180 workers’ homes, in the late 1910s. The three apartment blocks are characterised by their efficient layouts, which soon became widespread elsewhere in Zurich. The refurbishment of the complex built upon this quality, only intervening where there was an acute need for action. The primary aim was to upgrade the sanitary and heating systems. A new wall element introduced between the kitchen and bathroom accommodates all of the installations and allows the kitchen also to be used as a living space. By working closely together with the city council and the tenants, it was possible to preserve the utilitarian yet distinctive fittings.