SNB Fraumünsterstrasse, Zurich
Schweizerische Nationalbank

Restoration and conversion
Architecture and general planner
Complete renovation of a listed building from the 1890ies.
Planning 2015-2017 / Construction 2016-2019

The courtyard building on the Zurich Stadthausquai was developed by architect Adolf Brunner in 1889 as a stately housing complex. Comprised of five plots, the Swiss National Bank acquired the first of an eventual four plots in 1969 and converted them into offices. The comprehensive conversion will ensure the property is structurally and operationally sound for the next 30 years. To preserve the expansive stuccoed ceiling, most of the office space development will take place around the floor area. The heavily altered cupola has been cleaned and transformed into a cafeteria. With the new information centre, a part of the ground floor is now accessible to the public.