Frienisberg nursing home, Seedorf BE
Wohn- und Pflegeheim Frienisberg

New building
Planner selection process, architecture
Expansion with new structures under integration of the 12th century monastery.
Planning 2014-2018 / Construction 2016-2020

The history of the Frienisberg nursing home is closely connected to that of the 12th-century abbey of the same name. The abbey served as a hospital and centre of care from 1533 onwards. Together with the historical pond, it forms the centre of the complex, which today comprises more than 40 buildings. The new buildings replace three older residential buildings and accommodate community spaces in addition to 132 rooms. The rooms are distributed between two congruent, slightly inclined structures. Tilted towards each other, they surround the abbey and the pond. Historic design elements such as the archways, the gabled roofs and the connecting building return reinterpreted.