Residential development, Bern
Bauherrengemeinschaft Baufeld 5

New building
Competition / 3rd prize
Open project competition for housing development named "BrĂ¼nnen" in Berne - building zone no. 5.
Planning 2016

This classic block perimeter development is based on the core urban planning concept for the new neighbourhood in which it is located. It sets up a clear distinction between the public street area and the semi-private courtyard. The ground floors are reserved for small businesses, communal areas and studios. The latter have a split-level design, with direct access to the higher-level residential spaces on the courtyard side. On the southern side, the building opens onto the street. Residents and visitors can walk from here into the courtyard, which offers a space to linger. All of the apartments face the courtyard and do not have any corridors. Instead, enfilades and open-plan living and dining areas create a feel of spaciousness within each home.