• Modern and unconventional high-rise living in the park – High-up above, in a particular, private location.

    The expression of the tower with approximately 120 apartment- units is different and unique from its surrounding neighbours. The white and monochrome materials highlight the sculptural quality of the rectangular volume.

    The tower in the park is part of the overall Masterplan. At the same time, it keeps its individuality and identity by employing elegant and timeless materials and colours.

    The white curtain walls out of aluminum panels underline the precision and simplicity of the sculptural design concept. Protruding balconies define and enhance the truly particular expression of the tower.

    The structural concept with very view columns in the floor plate allows for a very high flexibility in the development of the floor plans. All units have a direct and unique visual relationship between the living / dining area and the generous balconies.

  • After one year of construction, the new Lufthansa Group training centre can now be handed over.

    The unassuming building in the Opfikon industrial park reveals little of its interior. At most, the light façade makes you think of the planes floating over the heads of those inside. After a tour of the empty halls and training rooms, the building was officially handed over to the client. However, the key presented may be a bit too big.

    The building actually has giant gates that will allow the flight simulators and fuselages to be placed in the halls over the next six months. The white stairs and bridges on the walls will then no longer lead to nothing. In future, aspiring Lufthansa Group pilots and trainee cabin crew will walk these and bring the training centre to life

  • A tour of the construction site offered an insight into the complex and high-quality renovation work that is nearing completion.

    The hottest topic of discussion during our coffee breaks was the entrance door: which technology could be used to achieve the desired three-dimensional look? Countless procedures were tested, from traditional craftsmanship to the latest 3D printing methods. The final result remains a surprise, as the door has not yet been installed. However, progress on the new offices can be seen in the interior. Despite the low ceilings, the rooms are very bright and inviting.

    Where the raised floors have not yet been completed, visitors could get a glimpse of the steel belts that have been newly installed for earthquake safety reasons. It will soon be invisible just how much effort and technical expertise has gone into maintaining the historical structure. But in turn, the main entrance will be unveiled. In addition to the entrance door, which can be admired by all passers-by, parts of the basement will also be made available to the public.

  • ‘White Noise’: for the second edition of our FABER series, Marcel Vaid translates the architecture on the Bürgenstock mountain into an abstract world of sound.

    After the literary interpretation from the previous year, FABER 02 is offering an auditory experience. Individual sounds build on each other to form rhythmic sequences, surrounded by reverberations and abundant space. The tones, reminiscent of a cavern, are a reference to the 700 m2 apartments on the Bürgenstock mountain, whose interiors remain empty and unfinished. Artist Marcel Vaid recorded tones and noises on site for the composition. The configuration of sounds could be heard at the exhibition opening in the Labor Bar on 7 March 2019. Together with pictures of the snowy landscape, it awakened a mysterious image of the dark Lakeview Residence Villas, which have been nestled on a steep slope overlooking Lake Lucerne since 2018.

    If you missed the live performance of FABER 02, you can get a free CD from Stücheli Architekten.

  • There is always more to a company profile than simply the number of printed pages. It is our pleasure to honour the start of the new year by presenting you with our latest company information.

    Our eight-page leaflet depicts 70 years of history and is the result of six months of preparation. We have taken a look at our past, present and future, and came across a wide range of projects in the process – all different, but all striving towards the same goal.

    You can find the information here as a PDF. To receive printed copies, please email info@stuecheli.ch.